Community Prayer Vigil

Prayer Vigil

  We have on-site and off-site prayer vigil for our Board Meetings.  Our plan is to enhance the on-site prayer by contacting persons in the local Board Meeting locations.  This will emphasize and expand those involved in the on-site prayer; it will encourage participation in Prayer, in worship, in developing our Show Me The Way Emmaus Community, in developing leaders, and in expanding participation so we are not dependent upon a few individuals.


The plan is to develop 2-3 persons from the local on-site prayer groups to help and to learn the Walk 72-Hour Prayer Vigil procedures.

Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful and kindle in them the fire of your love. Send forth your Spirit and they shall be created.  And you shall renew the face of the earth. O God, who by the light of the Holy Spirit did instruct the hearts of the faithful, grant that by the same Holy Spirit we may be truly wise and ever enjoy your consolations.  Through Christ our Lord.  Amen

The following are some suggestions for your prayer time.  We emphasize that these are only suggestions; you may have other ideas or thoughts.

            Thank you for praying.

 With Christian Love, Owen Smith & Pastor Mark Kailbourn


Prayer Suggestions for Board Meeting On-Site, Off-Site Prayer and the 2019 Fall Walk


Possible Prayer Organizational Suggestions and/or Thoughts:

  1.  Pray in your comfortable method (setting, kneeling, lying on floor, standing up, coloring, etc.)

  2.  Anoint your prayer area with oil, if you desire to do so

  3.  Light a candle to represent the Holy Spirit, if you desire to do so

  4.  Interrupt your planned prayer, if you feel a sudden neediness to pray for someone

  5.  Interrupt your planned prayer, if you feel sudden heaviness upon yourself; pray for yourself

  6.  Pray for our On-Site Prayer Group (listed below)

  7.  Pray for our Off-Site Prayer Group (listed below)

  8.  Pray for GOD’s Will in the Emmaus Board decisions

  9.  Pray for Sue Marshall, the Community Past Lay Director

9A. Pray for the New Community Lay Director, Larry Baker

10.  Pray for Patty Smith, the Community Spiritual Leader

11.  Pray for the Mark Kailbourn, the Board Prayer Coordinator

12.  Pray for the Emmaus Board as a Group

13.  Pray for each Emmaus Board member (listed below, but not necessarily in that order)

14.  Pray for 2019 Men’s Walk, including volunteers (October 10 to 13, 2019)

15.  Pray for 2019 Women’s Walk, including volunteers (October 17 to 20, 2019)

16.  Pray for 2019 Walk’s Location – Baptist Hill Camp in Mt. Vernon, Missouri

17.  Thank GOD for his leadership through Larry Baker, the 2019 Men’s Walk Lay Director

19.  Thank GOD for his leadership through Cheryl Wood, the 2019 Women’s Walk Lay Director

21.  Pray for Prayer Team selections

22.  Pray for volunteers for the 2019 Walks, including clergy

23.  Pray for GOD’s Direction of Sponsors

24.  Pray for GOD’s Direction for Pilgrims

25.  Pray for Other Emmaus Individuals with Prayer Praises or Prayer Requests 

26.  Pray for Others in your life that have Prayer Praises or Prayer Requests

27.  In closing, Thank GOD for listening




If you have any questions or prayer / praise request please contact the following community members.

Owen Smith             417-886-9304                                                       

Pastor Mark Kailbourn      417-665-9795