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Show Me TheWay

Community Gatherings



We want to come to a Gathering at your church!


Please pray about hosting a Gathering at your church. It is easy to plan, and we have all the tools to help you!


Contact a board member for more information.


Planning a Gathering, in 10 Easy Steps

  1. Set A Date!

    • Gatherings are held on Saturdays

    • Contact the Gathering Chairperson,  to see if the date is available on the Showway Calendar

    • Schedule date with your church

  1. Reserve location for Gathering

    • Need locations for Worship, fellowship, and refreshments for 100+

  1. Choose a Fourth Day Speaker

    • 4th-day talks are given by a layperson and are 5-10 minutes in length

  1. Secure Clergy

    • Arrange for Clergy to prepare a 4th-day response talk, and lead communion

  1. Secure Music Servants

    • Music Servants will lead worship in music at the beginning of Gathering and during offering time

  1. Refreshments and Food

    • The host church provides plates, cups, napkins, ice, and beverages. The Community will bring food for sharing

  1. Notify your Church’s Emmaus Community

    • Assign volunteers to help with food, setup, cleanup, and welcoming. 

    •  Food Volunteers will receive food and set it up for refreshment time. 

    • Welcoming volunteers will greet Community, assist in parking, and with name tags.

8. Communication

  • Communicate with your church’s Emmaus Community, and the Gathering chairperson will notify the Showway Board of the gathering date, time, and location.

  1. Provide Communion Elements

    • Provide Communion Elements for up to 100 people for Communion

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