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Whenever we read the Nicene Creed we confess belief in the communion of saints. This means that we become united to every believer who has ever lived whenever we trust in Jesus. The other Christians we know are not merely acquaintances; we are one body with them in Christ. Think of some people in your church whom you do not know well. Make plans to get together with them and fellowship as a way to display the unity we all have in Christ.


Equipping and Connecting Disciples to Deepen Their Prayer Lives


The mission of The Upper Room Living Prayer Center is to help individuals, small groups and local congregations grow in their understanding and experience of prayer. For more than 40 years, The Upper Room has had a single purpose: to help disciples of Christ experience the living, transformative power of prayer. Intercessory prayer is not something that "just happens." That's why The Upper Room has created a way for the thousands who need prayer to connect with prayer partners across the world.

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