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Pearl Prayer Path



The Community's Pearl  Prayer Path is where people send their joys and concerns to be lifted in prayer by others in the Community who have requested to take part in this ministry. The Prayer Path kicks up the power of prayer on several levels, because it is a group of individuals who’ve decided to pray together, this theoretically amplifies the power of prayer.

Praying as a group also fulfills another of our basic human needs: to connect, both with a power greater than ourselves and with one another.

As a prayer warrior we must always be dependable and willing to join in prayer at a moment’s notice. Our Pearl Prayer Path can also be expanded even more with like-minded people joining together in prayer for each other, with each other. 

Prayer requests may not always come with an explanation, some may prefer privacy. A request might be a simple explanation, such as “Please pray for a woman who’s moving into long-term care on Monday," a silent petition, or filled with anxious outcomes.

Walking Together

Showway's Cross Walk will share the Pearl Prayer Path information right away upon receiving the prayer request. 

When requesting prayer or signing up to be part of the Pearl Prayer Team, please include your name and walk number, an updated email or a working text message number, and indicate which form of communication you would prefer to use.

Participants will receive periodic e-mails describing the prayers requested. Such requests will be treated confidentially and will not be posted on the web.

When we get word that the situation of one of our prayer recipients has changed,  it will be communicated to everyone walking down the Pearl Prayer Path so we can adjust our prayers.

Your Showway Family looks forward to serving with you in this powerful way as we glorify our Lord through prayer.

De Colores!

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