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Prayer Pen


 Looking for a quiet place to hang out?  Searching for a corner of the world to stop and be still ?  Wondering who needs your prayers today?  Showway's Cross Walk Ministry provides alternative practices for your prayer needs and prayer shares.

Introducing the Prayer Pen!  A safe place to share and hang out, where the gate is always open and the fresh breeze of the Holy Spirit whispers God's protection and comfort.

Do you need to be in the prayer pen?  Post a dot if you or someone you know needs prayer. If not, please pray for those of us who do. Like with a heart if you are committed to be in prayer for your Showway family prayer request.

The Prayer Pen, lower right hand corner chat link, never closes so grab your cup of coffee  and come on in, where there is always a seat next to God to sit and pray.


Father, I pray protection and favor over each one of these

prayer warriors,

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