What to Bring

Now you need to know what to bring, here is a sample list of what items you need.

Electronics Policy:

Pilgrims are strongly encouraged to come prepared to leave at the gate the worries of home, work, and other outside distractions. Therefore, please leave the following items with your sponsor or at home:


  • Cell Phones

  • TVs

  • Radios

  • CD Players Pagers

  • Blackberries

  • Smart Phones

  • PDAs

  • Computers

  • Watches

  • Game Boys

  • Other Electronics


Should a need arise requiring your attention at home or work, your sponsor will make arrangements to contact you on the Walk.


Meanwhile, you’ll want to make sure to bring:

  • Sleeping Bag or Sheets / Blankets / Pillow

  • Pillow & pillowcase  (for full-size beds)

  • Bath Linens (washcloth, bath towel, hand towel, bath mat)

  • Personal Toilet Articles

  • Flashlight  (the smaller the better)

  • Rainwear / Umbrella

  • Sweater / Jacket / Windbreaker

  • Medicine / Medical items

  • Special Dietary Items

  • Flip Flops (shower)

  • Any special soda (diet, caffeine free, low sodium, etc...) 

  •  Reading materials, if you want to bring your bible you can.
                                          We don't sit you down and point at passages 


Remember: You’re going to be away from home for 3 days. Please consider wearing layers. Pay attention to weather reports for the weekend so you’re prepared.


Medical or Dietary Needs Note: If you are taking any medication at a particular time, please give the containers in a Ziploc bag (marked with your name and when you need to take your meds) to a team member. The team will make sure you receive your medication at the appropriate time. Additionally, if you have any dietary needs, allergies, or concerns, please let your sponsor know so the team can accommodate you during the weekend.


 Participants are encouraged to find ways to live out their individual call to discipleship in their home, church, and community.